Principal's Message

Welcome to Westview Elementary

Rita Linhart

In the fall of 2007 I became the principal at Westview. I talked with parents and teachers about the changes that needed to be made to move our school forward. I am happy and so proud of the changes that have been made over the years and the growth that our students have made during that time. Westview will continue to change and grow as our students do. With the implementation of Professional Learning Communities, its focus on collaboration for learning and team building, teachers have established essential standards and are focusing on each student's learning. In turn our students' growth has continued to rise at a steady pace. 

I understand that the information provided by various state-wide media sources and opponents of public education continues to portray our educational systems as failing to meet the needs of our students. I beg to differ. I invite anyone that worries about the education we offer our students to spend some time at Westview volunteering and understanding the effort our teachers and staff put into to assuring that we understand the needs of each student and in turn find a way to offer each child an efficient, effective, and targeted education.

While Westview continues to show growth both school-wide and with individual students, we can always do better!  Our Missouri MAP test is the standardized test that we hear so much about in the media.  This test has been identified as one of the most rigorous standardized tests in the United States. While the MAP test is a worthy picture of a child's progress, it is still just one measure.  At the elementary level we have many researched based assessments that give us much valuable information. We use these tests throughout the year to continually monitor the growth of students so that teachers are able make informed decisions when collaborating and planning for lessons.

While testing, collaborating, and planning are such a huge part of what we do, we also realize the importance of our families and the community.  We ask each of you to walk beside us as your child begins or continues on their educational journey. Only by working together will we truly be able to tap into the deep potential that every child has. Through real and honest dialogue will we be able to do what is best for all of our children. There will always be issues and disagreement in public education. However, it is within each of us to discover ways to communicate and come to an acceptable outcome that favors each child and their education.  

If you are unfamiliar with Westview, our teachers, staff, or educational practices, please schedule an appointment and meet with everyone involved in your child's education. Take the time to understand what it is we really do each day. It is so important to all of our students!!



Rita Linhart, Westview Principal