Westview Preschool Classroom

 Tiger's Den Preschool

Teacher: Mrs. Megan Gelband                       Teacher Assistant: Mrs. Shelby Rains

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The Excelsior Springs School District is proud to offer an accredited, full-day preschool program for children age 4-5 years old.  We provide a high quality program that facilitates optimal development for children before they enter into Kindergarten. Our mission is to partner with students, parents, and the community to help children develop a love for learning.

We know that children learn by doing. Through active involvement with their environment, children attempt to make sense of the world around them. They learn by observing what happens when they interact with materials and people around them. They spontaneously engage in activities such as block building, painting, or dramatic play, adding pieces of information to what they already know and thereby generating new understandings. Children learn simple concepts and then use these concepts to grasp more complex ideas.

Young children view the world concretely, and as they mature, their view changes. What they know at any given point will depend on the first-hand experiences they have had. By interacting with their physical environment (indoor & outdoor) and their social environment (other children & adults), they continually broaden their frame of reference.

We seek to provide these opportunities and more through the Project Construct Curriculum, which is based on constructivism, a research based theory about how people-children and adults-learn. Understanding how children construct knowledge provides us with a solid framework with which to build our teaching practices around.